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Our organization has established a strong and effective worldwide network of youth organizations. The network consists of partners working on the field of social economy, youth work, voluntarism and inclusion. Partner organization from Brazil, Ireland, the UK, Argentina, Sweden and Italy play a vital role in the development of the partnership and the idea of a network that could efficiently work in a demanding world. Our aim is to expand the network in order to develop our services.

Our demanding strategic partnership projects, training seminars and EVS projects in the framework of Erasmus+ lead OENEF as a top and innovative youth organization not only in the Balkans but also in Europe.

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About Us

OENEF is open for everybody who wishes to participate actively in its activities either as a member or a friend by taking part in one of its Working Groups, dealing with various topics and activities. OENEF is "an independent body" through which everybody will have the chance and possibility to discuss the issues that concern him.

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